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No. 13. Thirteen – Lucky for some

We are delighted to announce that EcomSolutions is the thirteenth independent UK website company that we have brought under our ownership over the past few years. The purchase was concluded in January 2021.

The majority of the 80+ EcomSolutions clients are SMEs based in East and West Sussex, where the Company was set up by founder, Clive Wigan. The customer portfolio is diverse, but includes Antique shops, B & Bs, small retail outlets, designers, among many others.

All EcomSolutions clients will have access to our web design skills, content management systems, SEO, social media and e-business expertise. Being part of a larger team of specialist web professionals will provide clients with all they need to ensure increased traffic to their website, more online sales, improved brand identity and better rapport with customers.

Growth by acquisition has been at the forefront of our strategy over the past few years. Despite the difficult (COVID-19) situation for many companies, we are very upbeat about the future prospects for EcomSolutions clients and indeed the whole of Radikls growing client list. There is definitely a huge pent-up demand in those sectors that have been badly affected by COVID-19. In the coming months we will work closely with our customers to get them prepared and internet-ready NOW to make the most of the online opportunities around the corner.

Watch this space for No.14. Fourteen.