Selling Your Web Business

We want to purchase your web design business

As an established website design and web development company, we are looking to increase our client portfolio and expand our business. We are currently looking for sole designers or small web design companies that are looking to relocate, shut down, or wish to sell their businesses as a going concern. So if you are considering selling your web design business, get in touch today.

We have operated in the South of England for over 22 years and ideally your web design business will be in the counties of Berkshire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Oxford, Surrey, Sussex or Wiltshire.

Selling Your Web Design Business

We currently work with 900 clients, offering them services from hosting to bespoke web development. Over the last 12 years we have absorbed 11 website design companies into our business. In 2018 we purchased a large client base which meant increasing our employees by 4 but our favourite purchase is up to 100 clients (no portfolio is too small). A typical portfolio of £10,000+ in turnover where an individual may have built up a small portfolio of clients but has since taken a full-time job and no longer has the time to look after these is a perfect scenario for us and the seller.

Rather than letting your current client base drift away or leave due to poor customer care, consider contacting us and receiving a fee to transfer them to us. This means that you gain something from a depreciating asset and your clients get a seamless transition and the ongoing maintenance of the levels of service that they currently receive. It does not matter how small your business is, we are able to offer a one-off fee or potentially an ongoing return for your client base.

selling your web design business

Reasons To Put Your Web Design Business For Sale

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