Selling Your Web Design Business

We want to purchase your web design business

As an established website design and web development company, we are looking to increase our client portfolio and expand our business. We are currently looking for sole designers or small web design companies that are looking to relocate, shut down, or wish to sell their businesses as a going concern. So if you are considering selling your web design business, get in touch today.

We have operated in the South of England for over 22 years and ideally your web design business will be in the counties of Berkshire, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire, Somerset, Oxford, Surrey, Sussex or Wiltshire.

Selling Your Web Design Business

We currently work with 900 clients, offering them services from hosting to bespoke web development. Over the last 12 years, we have absorbed 11 website design companies into our business. In 2018 we purchased a large client base which meant increasing our employees by 4 but our favourite purchase is up to 100 clients (no portfolio is too small). A typical portfolio of £10,000+ in turnover where an individual may have built up a small portfolio of clients but has since taken a full-time job and no longer has the time to look after these is a perfect scenario for us and the seller.

Rather than letting your current client base drift away or leave due to poor customer care, consider contacting us and receiving a fee to transfer them to us. This means that you gain something from a depreciating asset and your clients get a seamless transition and the ongoing maintenance of the levels of service that they currently receive. It does not matter how small your business is, we are able to offer a one-off fee or potentially an ongoing return for your client base.

Reasons To Put Your Web Design Business For Sale

Have you fallen out with your business partner/s?

Unfortunately, there may be a time when your working relationship with a business partner becomes strained or for personal reasons it is better to part company. I have personally been in this situation and also brokered deals between partners or shareholders to ensure both parties are happy with the outcome. This is never easy as one person may not want to sell but is not in a position to buy out the other partner/s. Also, there may be a conflict of interests in the position you find each other in and by me mediating the process this is actually more helpful in ensuring a happier resolve to what can be a stressful period in your lives.

Are you looking to relocate from Dorset?

A website business with Dorset clients is my ideal purchase. I personally go and see all my local clients and ensure that my team look after their technical, design and marketing needs. In fact I am prepared to travel 2.5 hours away from Poole so if your client base is further afield and you are looking to relocate, I will see your clients to ensure they are comfortable with the transition and can agree with them periodic meetings as required.

Losing your clients to marketing companies?

We have specialised in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services over the last 18 years. Sellers have come to us because they are losing clients to other SEO and marketing companies. They have case studies of how they have helped clients and achieved good positions in Google. They offer their client statistics and analytics of traffic and agree on goals that meet agreed targets. We can provide local and national examples of clients that would also give testimonials of achievements we have produced for their businesses. Offering SEO services from as low as £30 per month we can not only retain your client base but improve the overall spend per client whilst building a loyal client portfolio through the extra business they achieve.

Lifestyle change forcing you to sell?

I have personally had health issues which made me look at my future plans and objectives in my life. It may not be a medical reason but an opportunity to travel, to buy a second property, boat or car but it may be a thought one morning that actually having some money to go off and do that is what you should do now and not wait for. We can discuss a regular income, commission or lump sum payment for you to be in a position to do this.

Trying to be “Jack of all Trades”

Running a one-man web design business is a tough gig. You need to have business, technical, sales & accounts skills while trying to balance personal and family life. There are very few people who can juggle these areas of the business because you can feel like a jack of all trades. Also being motivated and self-driven with no one to support you or bounce ideas and problems off makes a sole business owner a very lonely person.

There may come a time where you just decide that you have had enough and need to move to a salaried job to give you security due to change of circumstances or a new direction. A Golden Handshake can be a good way of making a new start so please call or email me to discuss selling your website business.

Are you looking to retire and sell your business?

Two of the web design companies we recently bought were due to retirements. They had built up a good portfolio and were looking to retire, but did not want their clients to feel that they were leaving them, without ensuring the new company taking them over was going to provide the same level of service that they had built their reputation on. The option of just letting your clients find an alternative website company versus an agreed transfer where no changes need to be made with their hosting and email services ensures your clients feel that you have been professional and caring in ensuring that they are looked after.

Are you a student who has now finished your studies?

Over the years you have helped a few friends and relatives with their first website. Now you have finished your degree and are looking for a full-time job and find this a distraction having to deal with them or you want to take time out and travel, and having some money to go off with is attractive to you. I have bought businesses in the past like yours. It is very difficult to tell your family and friends you can no longer help them or embarrassing when you know you have not got the time to sort their urgent email or website update they want. I manage the process by giving them the confidence that we can now handle their needs and can try and keep the current charges the same where possible.

Have your sales plateaued and now is the best time to sell?

There comes a moment in every business that growth stops, clients suddenly reduce and profits start to be squeezed and you realise that it’s time to sell. Do you invest your own money into the business? Spend on marketing? If you have lost the energy to grow or just feel you want a change in work direction then we could talk about taking over your business. We appreciate that if the business is on a decline or that the ceiling has probably been achieved that an opportunity to sell it is a good solution for you. We can afford to absorb your business for fewer overheads and have the infrastructure to support your clients. Therefore we do not need to always look for the next sale but just try to maintain the current business without looking for growth and also accept the fact that the sales will never increase but are comfortable keeping happy clients.

Whatever your reasons for wishing to Sell Your Web Design Business, please contact Radikls. All enquiries will be discussed in strict confidence.

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