Providing Quality Services to Businesses in Dorset and Beyond

Long distance relationships have a reputation for being quite difficult, however they come easily to the team here at Radikls. Although we are based in Dorset our fantastic services are available nationwide and any level of distance is no barrier to each of our clients receiving the highest quality of service.

Given the nature of the web design & development industry the technical services and support we provide can be achieved swiftly by a simple phone call or email. Our website design & hosting, email hosting, search engine optimisation and social media services can be performed behind the scenes by our team with minimal input from our clients. This allows a level of flexibility and freedom for our clients to continue going about their business with one less thing to worry about. With the ability to complete projects and take care of IT support issues remotely the quality of our quick & efficient service remains high for all clients whether they’re as far away as Aberdeen or in less accessible places such as Guernsey and Jersey.

The Radikls Effect

We often have discussions with clients who were initially unsure of the level of service they were likely to experience with a company that wasn’t local to them. The feedback we receive is always overwhelmingly positive, commonly expressing that their concerns were misplaced and they’re confident they made the correct decision.

One such client was D.E.F Group. As an established company offering a range of plumbing, heating and electrical services in London they were looking for a company who could help to increase their online presence while also providing reliable email, website design and hosting services. Their priority was to find a team who could deliver the high level of service they expected regardless of where they were based, thus they were not discouraged from using a company that wasn’t local to them. We designed a new website, implemented SEO services to increase their website traffic & exposure and provided them with an ongoing support & maintenance package, allowing for any requests to be taken care of quickly and efficiently.

‘Although my website company, Radikls, is not based in London, I find their service fast, efficient and personal. I don’t feel the need to have a company nearby as their service is great. Ironically, when I was abroad and needed immediate changes to my site, they carried out the work within an hour of me calling.’

Mr Daniel Ferguson, Director, D.E.F Group

If you think our web development & design services could be of benefit to you, regardless of where you and your business are based, contact our friendly team today to discuss how we can meet your needs.