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SEO Dorset
SEO Dorset

At Radikls we are proud of the consistently high levels of service we offer our customers and we’re always on hand to quickly and efficiently take care of any issues which may arise. Ensuring that our clients have an effective website and web presence that works to enhance their business is at the heart of everything we do.

One way in which we achieve this is by actively monitoring the services we provide our clients, including their websites, allowing us to detect any issues that may occur. And for one client it’s fortunate that we do this, as it recently led to us discovering a catastrophic error that affected their business.

Ballancourt is a family run French food supplier who specialise in providing wholesale French food to businesses throughout the UK. As a client of ours for many years they have massively benefitted from our expert search engine optimisation services – ranking in the top spot for most of their targeted search terms.

However, during our routine checks we discovered that they had completely disappeared from all of the search results that they had previously been ranking very highly in. This was obviously extremely unusual, so we launched an immediate investigation in order to find out what had happened and how we could rectify it.

Radikls To The Rescue

It was quickly realised that the new website design Ballancourt had been working on with another company had launched. Due to some unforeseen circumstances on their end, there was a knock-on effect which resulted in the complete loss of their search engine optimisation. It was most certainly not an ideal situation for them as no longer appearing on Google and other search engines would definitely cause a significant loss of new business.

We didn’t waste any time in getting to work and after a discussion with the client we were given the go-ahead to do whatever was required to regain their search engine ranking positions.

Our team made the project an urgent priority and worked extra hours in an effort to rectify the issue whilst also continuing to provide our other clients with the same level of excellent service they expect. A massive amount of hard work ensued which included completely re-optimising the website, amending content and many more tweaks and changes behind the scenes.

The result? Within 2 weeks almost each one of Ballancourt’s specific SEO keyphrases was performing as well as they had been previously, allowing them to continue in their role as a leading French pate and French food supplier with minimal disruption to their business.

Bespoke SEO in Dorset

The dedication shown by the team members responsible for putting the work in and turning this situation around as quickly as possible is typical of the attitude shared by everybody here at Radikls. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure client satisfaction and it’s always rewarding to hear that our customers are happy with our service.

“Results look great, thank you for doing a great job in restoring these back to where they were previously.” – James, Ballancourt