Search Engine Optimisation

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What’s the first thing you do when you require a service? You grab your phone, laptop or whatever device you use to access the internet and go straight to your preferred search engine of course. Within a few keystrokes, you’re confronted by millions of results related to your search terms. You click on one of the top results and more often than not, voila! – you’ve found exactly what you were looking for.

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It’s likely most people won’t have given much thought as to how search engines work and why those websites at the top of their search results are there above the masses of others. It does however actually take a significant effort to achieve one of those prized top spots and benefit from the organic traffic received as a result. This is achieved through a process called Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short.

Behind the scenes at search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo are sophisticated, top-secret and ever-changing algorithms that are used to determine which websites are worthy of a higher ranking than others. Factors taken into account when search engines are ranking your website include, alongside a multitude of others, the quality and variety of content within your website, how regularly it is updated and whether other reputable websites contain links to yours.

At Radikls we are experienced in all aspects of SEO and have a successful history of securing very favourable rankings for clients. Our team will research your business and identify relevant keywords and key phrases which are likely to be used when people are attempting to find the service you offer through a search engine. With a focus on these specific keywords and key phrases, we can optimise your website in a way that leads to it ranking highly during these searches, thus increasing the chances of users visiting your website and generating valuable leads.

With a range of SEO packages available from as little as £30 a month, we can cater to websites and budgets of all sizes, doing all of the technical work required to get your website ranking highly. This allows you and your business to focus your attention on what you do best – offering your clients a fantastic service and dealing with the increase of customer enquiries you’ll be receiving as a result. Contact our team today and take that first step towards building a bridge towards a wider audience.