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seals direct e-commerce solutions dorset
seals direct e-commerce solutions dorset

Case Study: e-commerce expansion

Seals Direct are a Hampshire based business that specialises in sealing solutions in many areas such as marine, industrial, caravan and automotive industries. When they started out their e-commerce website functioned effectively, however, as the business grew the processing of orders became increasingly time-consuming, as orders had to be inputted manually into sales and invoicing systems respectively. The orders would be taken on one system and then converted to another so that if the company wished to reference or bill customers they would have to manually search the system for the order. So as their business grew further, it became imperative that they found a new solution that would also house a back-office system for invoicing and shipping.

The Radikls Effect 

Radikls set about designing and implementing a new e-commerce system, which was able to simplify the task of handling customers orders. We did this by incorporating a dedicated server for storage and retrieval of sales data. This meant that order information could be easily retrieved for invoicing, labelling and repeat custom. And to make repeat purchases easier, Radikls also installed an accounting system so that customers could reorder any item that they had purchased previously. The new system has proved to be a much more efficient way of dealing with online orders. Seals Direct have put the time that they have saved in processing orders to use in other areas of the business and have since expanded. Indeed the increased efficiency has enabled them to move into bigger facilities while maintaining their existing staffing levels.

Over the last two years, we have added many other features both onto the website and the back-office to help our efficiency. We have also just given the front page a facelift to make it easier for customers to navigate the site. The latest feature that is currently under development is a shipping cost calculator for worldwide sales.

Tony, Radikls

“Using Radikls has certainly improved our efficiency and they are always happy to look at any ideas we may want to add to our existing system”.

Phil, Seals Direct