Royal Bay’s New Website Boosts Traffic by 20%

Royal Bay’s New Website Boosts Traffic by 20% by radikls web design dorset
Royal Bay’s New Website Boosts Traffic by 20%

We recently launched the assured retirement living provider Royal Bay Care Homes‘ new website with the effect of increasing click-throughs and boosting the online visibility of their portfolio. So far we have not only improved the company’s overall traffic by 20% but enhanced the visibility of Royal Bay’s regional estates. The Radikls team did this by modernising their main website to make it more user-friendly and by using newer source codes to ensure that it is simpler and easier to maintain. More importantly, we gave each of the company’s care homes its own domain name and more location friendly meta-titles so that they ranked high in regional searches. 

Radikls have not only designed Royal Bay’s new website and improved SEO but have also been able to help maintain and manage the sites of all the care homes in the company’s portfolio. We have also provided them with our net-inform package, which enables visitors to Royal Bay’s website to view the latest news stories for all regional sites. We were also able to provide a simpler email system to maintain and manage email contacts, together with a highly competitive maintenance and consultancy package to ensure our commitment to the company’s future. Moreover we also built Royal Bay an Extranet system so that care home managers are able to access and download the latest forms and information, and to place requests for capital. We did this at the company’s request because they wanted to ensure that each home was using up-to-date forms and information, and that expenditure requests had to be formally accepted before capital was  released. Since its installation, this centralised system has not only become a valuable tool in a fast growing environment but also a necessity in ensuring that all managers are kept up to date with central policy and information.

It’s still early days for this launch but all in all Royal Bay’s online traffic is improving and more importantly each of their care homes is showing up better in regional searches. Moreover, Royal Bay are very happy with the new look of the site, which uses more streamlined and accessible design, and on the strength of the growth already witnessed, it looks like the project is another Radikls success story.

COVID-19 Update

We wanted to update you on our response to the current COVID-19 outbreak that is causing difficulties on a global scale.

During these challenging circumstances the team here at Radikls is still working hard, and will continue to do so, in order to meet the needs of our clients and ensure that all of our services including email & websites continue to function as normal. We appreciate how important it is for businesses to stay active and remain operating when safe to do so and it is our priority to provide the support that allows this to happen.

Whether you require urgent updates made to your websites & social media in order to keep your customers up to date, need changes implemented to advertise new services you are offering during this time of crisis or have started working from home and need our assistance in accessing your email or website our team is available to help. You can rest assured that we are committed to supporting our clients throughout this situation in any way we can.

In order to contain the spread of the virus, we will be not be attending “face to face” meetings over the coming weeks and our staff are working from home and can be contacted through the current phone and email communications.

We wish everybody the best in staying safe and healthy over the coming weeks & months and encourage you to contact us if there’s anything we may be able to assist you with in the face of these challenging times and we thank you for your continued loyalty.