Psychic Kathryn

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Psychic Kathryn

Psychic Kathryn is an authentic psychic & medium with over 20 years of experience and is respected within her field for providing some of the best psychic readings in the UK. Working from her home in Kent, Kathryn offers a range of psychic and medium services including psychic phone readings, one on one readings, tarot card readings and energy healing sessions. Using her natural clairvoyance ability to offer guidance on topics such as personal & professional relationships, new beginnings, career choices and love Kathryn has gained a reputation for informative and accurate readings.

While a lot of the business she receives is from repeat customers and word of mouth recommendations Kathryn was interested in increasing the traffic to her website and in turn the number of online enquiries. She contacted the team here at Radikls to discuss how our expert services could benefit her business and help her achieve this.

The Radikls Effect

We made the recommendation that she would benefit from one of our Search Engine Optimisation packages. This would ensure her website will be ranked highly on Google & other search engines. Our experts optimised the website with a focus on the most popular search keyphrases related to the services that Psychic Kathryn offers. The desired effect of this process is for any internet search for those services to return her website as a result in a prominent position. It was a success and the outcome was a significant increase in new clients contacting her to book telephone readings.

I just wanted to let you know I’ve seen a 26% rise in my telephone readings since I commenced the SEO. I’m very pleased and just wanted to thank you for all your help.

– Psychic Kathryn

Having been impressed with the results we achieved for her website Psychic Kathryn has since been in touch to discuss upgrading her SEO package to the next level in order to increase her web traffic even further.