Promotional Video Production in Dorset

YouTube Video Addition Helps SEO & Brand Marketing

One of our clients has recently utilised a very entertaining manner of advertising. North West Emergency Locksmiths, a professional locksmith in Wirral, posted a fantastic 1-minute long animated video on their Facebook page that has impressively racked up over 4,000 views in under two weeks. The video has also now been added to his website.

The video contains a character arriving home, realising he's lost his key and immediately knowing the best course of action is to call North West Emergency Locksmiths Wirral. The voiceover then describes other unfortunate situations you can find yourself in that require a locksmith. Situations such as accidentally locking your key in your car, being unable to lock your door and breaking your key are all presented as fun, memorable animations while we're assured North West Emergency Locksmiths can be there for us if we find ourselves in any of these unfortunate circumstances.

The amount of information provided in the 62-second long clip is impressive. Along with the emergency locksmith and vehicle locksmith services already mentioned, the video also contains details on the company's non-destructive entry methods, 24 hour call out service, their "How Quick Can You Pick UK" record (0.31 of a second!) as well as a charming animated re-creation of their work van.

It's an excellent example of how using creative video advertisements can make your company stand out from the rest and also has the added bonus of having a positive effect on your website's Search Engine Optimisation. Search engines such as Google take into account all of the content on a website when ranking it and content-rich websites consistently rank highly. By including video content on your website you can ensure you're one step ahead of the competition.

If your website isn't showing as highly as you'd like on search engines then contact us today to learn more about our SEO services and how they can benefit your business. 

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