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Dorset Weathervanes for traditional & bespoke weathervanes
284 Bournemouth Road
Charlton Marshall
DT11 9NG
Tel: +44 (0)1258 453374

Dorset Weathervanes specialise in the design and supply of hand crafted weathervanes. Also known as wind vanes or weather cocks, traditional weathervanes have been used for centuries signalling changes in the weather and can also be used to add design and character to a property.

Bespoke weathervanes are individually designed from the clients ideas and specially made to order by Graham in his workshop in Dorset.

Weathervane Designs

Some examples available to order online include:

And many, many more. Please browse the huge selection of weathervanes online.

Dorset Weathervanes are located in Dorset in the UK and supply weathervanes around the world for commercial and private clients.

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