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Optim Wafer Services for Wafer Reclaim & Wafer Processing Services

Z.I des Pradeaux
Greasque 13850
Tel: +33 442 126 130 +44 7810 057 526
Email: MWells@OptimWS.com
Website: https://www.optimwaferservices.com

Optim Wafer Services are a company who have been providing wafer reclaim and wafer processing services for over thirty years offering businesses a bespoke solution based on their requirements. Optim Wafer Services is located in the Rousset region in the South of France which is where 40% of the French semiconductor manufacturing takes place.

Wafer Processing Services

 Optim Wafer Services also provide technical support and offer high-quality wafer process development services to their customers, tailoring these services to the specific customer’s needs and requirements.

Wafer Processing SOI Processing Wafer Reclaim

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