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Redivac supply and distribute vacuum sewage systems around the world from their UK based office in Northamptonshire. The vacuum sewer systems are an alternative sewer systems option for customers where traditional sewage systems would not be possible to install.

Vacuum Sewer Systems

Typical vacuum sewerage system applications include:

Redivac provides a vacuum sewer system design, sewer vacuum commissioning and build of the vacuum sewerage system. They provide ongoing technical support of the vacuum sewerage systems once in place and offer customer support services across the range of vacuum sewage systems.

The vacuum sewer system works by collecting waste from properties into the interface valve, through the vacuum sewers and then transporting it to the vacuum station. Sewage is then pumped to the vacuum sewage treatment plant or gravity sewer.

The vacuum interface valve Redivac use has been in service for over 25 years and has a highly regarded industry reputation for their low disruption sewer system installation service.  Redivac provide vacuum sewerage, vacuum drainage and vacuum fluid collection worldwide, solving a variety of difficult fluid removal conditions.

Do you have a drainage problem with your above ground sewer systems? Do you need a reliable shallow sewer solution? Then contact Redivac, vacuum sewer distributors, to see if a sewer vacuum collection system or vacuum drainage system could provide you with a powerful vacuum wastewater collection system and help you solve your drainage problems.

Redivac, Northamptonshire - vacuum sewer system suppliers covering the UK.

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