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L2 Energy Consultants based in Dorset are highly skilled SBEM consultants that specialise in SBEM calculations and dynamic thermal modelling in Dorset and throughout the UK.  With over 15 years' of experience of delivering energy consultancy services they cover both England and Wales.

The extensive range of energy consultancy services they provide customers in England & Wales includes:

SBEM calculations

L2 Energy Consultants have a strong presence in Dorset and across England and Wales for providing SBEM calculations. Their SBEM calculations are suitable for your new build commercial buildings from hotels and offices to industrial units and schools.  L2 Energy are also experienced SAP calculation consultants and offer SAP calculations  for all residential properties.

Dynamic thermal modelling

L2 Energy Consultants specialise in dynamic thermal modelling in  Dorset, Hampshire and throughout England & Wales.  The dynamic thermal modelling assessment can identify potential issues such as overheating that can be resolved with ventilation solutions for example. L2 Energy use dynamic simulation modelling to ensure compliance to CIBSE TM59 Overheating.

Solar gains calculations

L2 Energy Consultants can help businesses ensure their newly built commercial premises complies with the latest building regulations with solar gains calculations.  The solar gains calculations help with measuring potential overheating of commercial buildings during the summer months in England and Wales.

BB01 compliance England

BB01 compliance England is the DfES Building Bulletin 101 regulations to ensure thermal comfort and adequate ventilation in educational buildings throughout England. L2 Energy can demonstrate these requirements through dynamic simulation modelling software.

If you are looking for SAP calculation consultants or SBEM consultants, contact L2 Energy Consultants for a free quotation.

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