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Mousemesh UK offer humane pest control and mouse control services to private or commercial clients. Mousemesh air brick covers are a cost effective long term solution for how to prevent mice from entering your home acting as a humane alternative to glue traps and mouse traps.

Mice Health Hazard

House mice can cause a lot of damage but are also a hazard to your health, so you need to stop mice from entering your home. They can enter the home through holes in your air bricks but Mousemesh is a prevention grill that fits over your existing air bricks as an air brick cover and keeps mice out! Fitting these cost-effective air brick covers only takes a few minutes.

Insects, pests, cockroaches, slugs and beetles are all common pests in the home. It is effective to buy humane pest control products to avoid the problem. Install Mousemesh air brick mesh over every air brick to ensure you’re keeping insect pests out of the home, as well as using for effective mouse control.

Mousemesh air brick covers come in small, medium or large sizes and still allow the air to circulate in your property.


Mousemesh have a new stainless steel version known as ratmesh and this has been designed to be rat proof!

New Build Pest Control Air Bricks

Builders need to prevent pest problems in new builds and MouseMesh inbuilt air bricks solve this problem, keeping mice, slugs, beetles and other pests out. Ideal for all new builds, extensions and restorations.

Buy Humane Pest Control Products

Buy your Mousemesh airbrick covers, RatMesh or Inbuilt Air Bricks with Grill today - available for delivery in UK & Europe.

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