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Metal Treatments for Metal Finishing Services Hampshire

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Metal Treatments are based in Portsmouth, Hampshire and have over 30 years experience in providing metal finishing services.

Aluminium Finishing

  • Anodising aluminium provides a corrosion resistant finish and colour anodising also offers a decorative finish available in blue, black, clear, gold, orange, red, silver, turquoise and violet.  
  • Alocrom 1000 & 1200 finishes provide good electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance
  • Iridite NCP is a chrome-free passivation treatment that is environmentally friendly and RoHS compliant

Mild Steel Finishing

 Metal Treatments Portsmouth Ltd are black oxide metal finishers. The black oxide coating is RoHS Compliant.

Stainless Steel Finishing

The experts at Metal Treatments can quote for all metal surface treatments in any quantity.They offer a reliable service with very competitive pricing.

Alocrom 1200 & 1000 Colour Anodising Aluminium Electro Polishing Services

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