Emberleaf Knives - Handmade Knives

Emberleaf - Handmade Knives

Unit 9 Colhook Industrial Park
West Sussex
GU28 9LP
Tel: 01428 707933
Email: sales@emberleaf.com
Website: https://emberleaf.com/

Emberleaf are specialist custom knifemakers in the UK, they produce an extensive range of high-quality handmade knives for a wide variety of uses from their West Sussex Workshop. The co-founders of Emberleaf pride themselves in making functional knives using robust steel blade material.

Custom Made Knives

Emberleaf boast a great range of custom made knives, just some of the popular custom knives they produce include:

Whether you are looking for a hand made hunting knife, a handmade Damascus steel chef knife or looking for a craftsman to create a special edition knife you should get in touch with the talented co-founders at Emberleaf Knives to place your order.

Knife Engraving

Are you searching for knife engraving services? Then look no further, Emberleaf offer laser engraving from West Sussex using the latest technology and their precise engraving skills. They also offer knife sharpening services for not only knives but scissors, salon shears, cutlery, axes and chisels.

Their website has useful information on the most recent knife laws in the UK which they follow strictly and encourage their buyers to adhere to. To browse their fine selection of handmade knives visit the Emberleaf knives website and order up your special edition knives, a UK legal folding knife or a Ray Mears bushcraft knife.

Knife Engraving Custom Pocket Knife Special Edition Knives

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