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EA Sports Management are a recommended, international football agency in Liverpool offering a range of football consultancy services including player management, marketing strategies, effective advertising and media guidance.

As popular football agents in Merseyside, EA Sports work closely with partners and leagues around the globe to offer their clients a service that is second to none. They are proud to be football agents for academy players in Merseyside, football agents for professional players in the UK and agents for international players.

Football Management Agency Liverpool

Ever wondered how to get a professional football contract that can help you boost your career or how to get an academy football contract in the UK? Then speak to EA Sports, the football management agency in Liverpool that all the players are talking about.

Their football management expertise has proved invaluable over the years, supporting clubs and players alike to enhance natural talent. Just some of the areas EA Sports support with include:

  • Management techniques to improve the work/life balance of busy players and managers
  • Player and club contract negotiation for national and international players
  • Increasing public awareness of clubs and players through planned PR strategies
  • Marketing campaigns to attract sponsors and increase supporters
  • Career planning for talented players and coaches
  • Sound financial advice for players, coaches, support staff and clubs
  • Scouting, trialling and trial games

Whether you are a seasoned player looking for a new football contract, a professional football player in your prime or a younger player at a youth academy waiting to be signed, get in touch with the experts at EA Sports Management for support and advice.

If you are looking for a reputable football management agency contact EA Sports today for more information, they are undoubtedly one of the best football agents in Merseyside, London & throughout the UK.

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