Elixarome - Fragrance House & Flavour House

Elixarome - Fragrance Manufacturer

Unit 3a Arnold Business Park
Branbridges Road
East Peckham
TN12 5LG
Tel: 01622 870470
Email: info@elixarome.co.uk
Website: https://www.elixarome.co.uk/

Elixarome are an independent, family-owned fragrance manufacturer, flavour house and essential oil manufacturer based in Kent, producing high quality, bespoke fragrance and flavouring products including flavouring oils and aromatic chemicals. Each product is manufactured to order which results in clients receiving a personalised customer experience as well as a product that meets their specific requirements perfectly.

Fragrance House

With over 50 years of experience as a perfumery manufacturer Arthur, the head of the fragrance team, works closely with clients from a wide range of industries in order to create exquisite fragrances that are suitable for various products. The markets they can cater to are involved in the production of goods such as shampoo, soap, scented candles, fabric softeners, car polishes, industrial wipes, toilet cleaners and much more.

Flavouring Supplier

Elixarome are also specialists in producing flavouring oils and flavouring extracts that are utilised in a comprehensive range of food and drink products. Whether it’s sweet or savoury the flavour house team can develop the perfect flavouring to suit the desired taste. They are available in liquid and powder forms allowing their use in all types of food and drink. Popular powder flavours include banana, cheese, garlic and toffee while grape, lemon, spearmint and vanilla are popular flavours in liquid form.

English Essential Oils

Alongside their bespoke fragrance and flavour services Elixarome also manufacture and supply a range of essential oils and natural & synthetic aromatic chemicals for use in the flavour and fragrance industry. Their selection of essential oils are grown and produced via their own co-operative and include English chamomile oil, English lavender oil, English lavandin oil and bergamot oil.

Elixarome can meet all of your fragrance, flavouring and essential oil needs. They pride themselves on their excellent customer experience and the high quality of product they produce on a consistent basis. Visit their website today for more information on their Flavour & Fragrance manufacturing services.

Fragrance House Flavouring Extracts Essential Oil Manufacturer

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